If you plan to buy riverfront property there are some things you may want to know.  Like, can anyone ever build on the land across the river from you and destroy your view?  Do you want the side where the channel is deep or the side where you can wade in to fly-fish or swim?  Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to stare into the glare of the sun all day or have it at my back?  Will I need climbing gear to get down the high bank or can I buy land with a low bank? These are all things which will affect the quality of your life as you seek to enjoy your land.

Here are some reasons why this land is the absolute best:

Low Bank Frontage,
Your Own Private Yellowstone,
A "Permanent" View,
Tons Of Recreation,
The Clark Fork River,
No Highways or Railroads Between You And The River,
Great Location,
Unbelievably Good Weather,
Dust Free Paved Roads,
Close To Town,
Sun At Your Back. 

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Low Bank Frontage - Access: There are plenty of lots located on very high bluffs that limit access.  These lots extend right down to the river where one can boat, swim and fish.

Your Own Private Yellowstone - The view across the river and looking to the north is of Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is a wildlife Mecca, an elk range with a herd that at times numbers over 100.

You will see elk, deer, mountain lions, bear, wolves, and beavers. You will also see American Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, Osprey, ducks, and Canadian Geese all flying by at eye level!

Permanent View - The land across the river is a "closed" federal land area on the Lolo National Forest. This means: a. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the mountain/elk range, and b. There will never be anything built there.

Tons Of Recreation - Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Snow Skiing, Hunting, Photo Safaris, Fishing, Four Wheeling or just driving around looking at the land and wildlife.  It's beautiful. Five designated Wilderness Areas surround us.

The Clark Fork River - The Clark Fork River carries more water than any other river in Montana.  It is navigable at this point by small powerboats and jet skis. Howerer, I've only seen one powerboat and one jet ski on the river in my 12 years living here.  Most people use drift boats (a curved bottom row boat) or rafts. Traffic is light.  I usually see only one or two boats during the  week and about one boat every two hours passes by on the weekends.

No Obstructions or Distractions -  The following is very unique to properties located in the mountains and that also have good access:  There is no railroad between this property and the river. There is no railroad adjacent to the property nor on the other side of the river. And, there is no highway adjacent to this property nor between this property and the river.

Great Location - 5 miles west of Superior, Montana, in the western Rockies.  Google Maps: "50 T. Bird Lane, Superior, Montana"

Unbelievably Good Weather - This is NOT the freezer locker that one generally associates with eastern Montana.  The western end of the state is quite temperate. It's where the indians wintered because the weather was so mild.  The reason for this is that Pacific Ocean is still warm when it passes Seattle.  So, we get warm air from the west that is dried out by 3 mountain ranges (Olympics, Cascades and the western front of the Rockies).  It's so dry here that ticks and fleas can't live here.  And, mosquitoes are almost nonexistent.

Dust Free Paved Roads - The highway is plowed, sanded and open year round.  The neighborhood association is responsible for keeping its paved road plowed.

Close To Town - 5 miles east along the interstate highway (I - 90) brings you to the town of Superior, the county seat.  There you will find shopping, a US Post Office, a hospital and a fire station.  Superior is also home to the Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, and Lolo National Forest Ranger Station that employs about 100 people.  St. Regis is 8 miles to the west.

Covenants - Expect covenants with strict enforcement provisions to protect your property value. 

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